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eZ Components 2009.2rc1 released

Author: Derick Rethans
Date: 2009-12-07 16:07 UTC

The eZ Components team just released a release candidate of the new 2009.2 release. This release candidate resolves a couple of issues that where found during the testing and review process. The release also includes a few bug fix releases of other components.

A full download of the release can be found on the download page.

This Release Candidate be followed by the final release on December 21st, as long as no major issues are uncovered during our test cycle.


The full list of changes since eZ Components 2009.2beta1 follows below:


1.4.3 - Monday 07 December 2009

  • Fixed issue #15612: DbSchema does not obey Max Ident Length of 30 constraint for AutoIncrement Simulation. (Patch by Benjamin Eberlei)


1.2.1 - Monday 07 December 2009

  • Re-release with proper autoload file (that misses the removed debug_message.php) entry.


1.3rc1 - Monday 07 December 2009

  • Fixed #15905: Make rst->docbook visitor configuratble, just like rst->xhtml
  • Fixed #15904: 'ezcDocumentRstXhtmlBodyVisitor' renders field lists above titles unlike docutils
  • Fixed #15912: Titles with UTF-8 chracters throw a notice.
  • Fixed #15914: Reference names with quotes in it think their name is id_.
  • Fixed #15913: References with a : or | do not work properly.
  • Fixed #15915: Forward-dispatching of empty named reference fails, if name contains spaces.


1.0.5 - Monday 07 December 2009

  • Fixed issue #15870: Incorrect error handling in ezcPhpGenerator::finish(), an exception is now thrown in case ezcPhpGenerator can't write.

Author: Derick Rethans

Published: December 7th, 2009