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eZ Components 2009.1.2

Author: Derick Rethans
Date: 2009-09-01 11:11 UTC

This bug fix release addresses a few issues in the following components: Archive, Authentication, Configuration, MvcTools, Search, SystemInformation and Template. For details see the full change log below.

You can find downloads of the whole bundle on the download page and updated documentation on the documentation page. Users of the PEAR installer can upgrade to the new version by issuing:

pear upgrade ezc/ezcomponents

General installation instructions can be found here.

The full changelog follows:


1.3.4 - Tuesday 01 September 2009

  • Fixed issue #13501: Extracting tar files in case there is a long filename combined with a long linkname.


1.3.1 - Tuesday 01 September 2009

  • Fixed issue #15240: Final LDAP bind uses wrong DN.
  • Fixed issue #15244: DN can not be retrieved from the LDAP filter.


1.3.4 - Tuesday 01 September 2009

  • Implemented issue #13244: ezcConfigurationIniWriter::writeSetting() enforces quoting even thought it is documented differently.
  • Fixed bug #15309: Hash keys with quotes were not escaped properly internally.


1.1.2 - Tuesday 01 September 2009

  • Fixed bug #15313: A regression in the ezcMvcRailsRoute matching considering dots (".") in URLs.


1.0.6 - Tuesday 01 September 2009

  • Fixed issue #15289: "AND" and "OR" in the query builder are even recognised when there is no whitespace around them.
  • Fixed issue #15290: Test suite tries to acces local file.
  • Fixed issue #15294: Index is always re-created when the Zend Search Lucene backend is initialized, wiping out all index data.
  • Fixed issue #15295: The Zend_Search_Lucene backend returns a different result format then the Solr backend.
  • Fixed issue #15302: ezcSearchSession::update() leads to errors.
  • Implemented issue #15086: Added ezcSearchSession->createDeleteQuery() and ezcSearchSession->delete().
  • Implemented issue #15087: Added ezcSearchSession->deleteByID() and ezcSearchSession->findByID() for retrieving and deleting documents by their ID.


1.0.8 - Tuesday 01 September 2009

  • Reorganized the source code to fall in line with guidelines.
  • Fixed the ezcSystemReaderCantScanOSException class to properly inherit from ezcSystemInfoException and ezcBaseException.
  • Implemented issue #15352: Added support for XCache.
  • Removed support for PHP Accelerator, which is for PHP 4 only.


1.4.1 - Tuesday 01 September 2009

  • Fixed issue #15291: {tr}-block ignores output context.


1.3.1 - Tuesday 01 September 2009

  • Fixed issue #15260: ezcTranslationBorkFilter modifies all translations, not only unfinished ones.


1.1.2 - Tuesday 01 September 2009

  • Fixed issue #15368: Corrected and enhanced documentation of ezcWebdavServer regarding configuration handling.

Author: Derick Rethans

Published: September 1st, 2009