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eZ Components 2009.1rc1 released

Author: Derick Rethans
Date: 2009-06-22 16:48 UTC

The eZ Components team just released a release candidate of the new 2009.1 release. This release candidate resolves a couple of issues that where found during the testing and review process. The release candidate can be installed by running the following command:

pear upgrade ezc/ezcomponents

A full download of the release can be found on the download page.

This Release Candidate be followed by the final release on June 29th, if no major issues are uncovered during our test cycle.


The full list of changes since eZ Components 2009.1beta1 follows below:


1.3rc1 - Monday 22 June 2009

  • Fixed an issue with PHP compiled with --with-curlwrappers.


1.7rc1 - Monday 22 June 2009

  • Fixed an issue with the PEAR reader as sometimes the returned structure is different.


1.5.2 - Monday 22 June 2009

  • Fixed issue #15009: Empty tables are now rendered correctly.
  • Fixed issue #14073: ConsoleTools is not binary safe, presuming UTF-8 input. Note that the component now depends on ext/iconv which is bundled with PHP and active by default.


1.3.7 - Monday 22 June 2009

  • Fixed issue #15011: Corrected determining of ImageMagick binary from settings.


1.6.3 - Monday 22 June 2009

  • Fixed issue #15068: false ezcMail tests. Based on a patch from Thomas Koch.


1.0.5 - Monday 22 June 2009

  • Fixed issue #15085: ezcSearchZendLuceneHandler fails on writing index to relative path.


1.1.3 - Monday 22 June 2009

  • Refactored the XHTML visitor so that you can override the way how paths are generated by overloading the formatPath() method.

Author: Derick Rethans

Published: June 22nd, 2009