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eZ Components 2009.1 beta1

Author: Derick Rethans
Date: 2009-06-08 15:12 UTC

The eZ Components team released the first beta for the new 2009.1 release.

Since the alpha release, we've made changes to Base, Document (some rough edges around PDF writing and error handling) and MvcTools (refactoring and renaming of some classes).

PersistentObjectDatabaseSchemaTiein was missing from the alpha1 release, so we included it as first beta. This beta release also features normal bug-fix releases for Graph and and Webdav (issues with Konqueror).

You can upgrade your installed eZ Components by running the following command:

pear upgrade ezc/ezcomponents-beta


The ChangeLog for all the feature enhancements and bug fix releases follow:


1.7beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Made sure that we (try) to load the PEAR Registry class so that PEAR doesn't have to be in autoload.


1.2beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Fixed: Invalid font creation in haru driver.
  • Fixed: Implementation of PDF wrapper class, to call correct renderer.
  • Fixed: Implementation of style loading in PDF wrapper class.
  • Implemented: Method to register additional PDF parts in wrapper class.
  • Implemented: Global error reporting interface, now also used by the PDF renderer.
  • Implemented: Maintain document location in all conversions, so that embedded files can be located.
  • Fixed: Text blocks are continued on the same page wrapped images are rendered on.
  • Fixed: Handle unescaped references containing special chars in RST parser.
  • Fixed: Also recurse into section titles in RST visitor AST preprocessing to find all reference targets.
  • Fixed: Ensure valid XML IDs in visitor.


1.4.3 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Fixed #14538: Performance degration for very high numbers of data points.
  • Fixed #14857: Highlight text misplaced in charts with multiple bar data sets.


1.1beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Renamed ezcMvcNoNamedRouteException to ezcMvcNamedRouteNotFoundException.
  • Renamed ezcMvcReversedRoute to ezcMvcReversibleRoute.
  • Removed the ->router property of ezcMvcController, and replaced this with the setRouter() and getRouter() methods.


1.0beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Refactored out the password hashing into its own method to facilitate easier overloading.


1.6beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Note: This release changes the indexing of arrays returns by ezcPersistentSession and its decorators. These arrays are now indexed by object IDs.


1.3beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Implemented enhancement #12943: Class and definition files can now be generated from templates (using the Template component). Templates return the mangled file name.


1.1.1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Fixed issue #13324: Uploads are now working in Konqueror (tested 3.5.10). Fix based on a patch by Erwin Eggenberger.

Author: Derick Rethans

Published: June 8th, 2009