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eZ Components 2009.1 alpha1

Author: Derick Rethans
Date: 2009-05-26 12:07 UTC

After the earlier release of the first alpha releases of the PersistentObject components, we're now releasing other alpha versions of other components.

The Authentication component now contains support for Open ID 2.0, the Base component is now capable of providing meta data about the installed components. The Document component now comes with an output renderer for PDF, based on the libharu or tcpdf PHP extensions. The output can be styled with some form of CSS. We will publish an article on this soon.

The MvcTools component now supports reverse routing and comes with the MvcAuthenticationTiein component to provide authentication filters. The MvcFeedTiein component has been included again after it has been cleaned up. The PersistentObject component now contains support for identity management.

You can upgrade your installed eZ Components by running the following command:

pear upgrade ezc/ezcomponents-alpha


The ChangeLog for all the feature enhancements and bug fix releases follow:


1.3alpha1 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Implemented feature feature #14426: OpenID 2.0 support for Authentication.


1.7alpha1 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Added 'SunOS' to the list of Unices to make finding binaries work on Solaris as well.
  • Implemented issue #13718: Include metadata about installed components that can be queried to figure out required PHP versions, dependencies and component versions.


1.2alpha1 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Implemented CSS based PDF rendering for basic docbook markup.


1.4alpha1 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Implemented feature #14104: Stack writer to store log messages in memory. (Based on a patch by Thomas Koch)


1.1alpha1 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Implemented issue #14250: Support for the Content-Disposition headers in the abstract result and response objects.
  • Implemented issue #13844: Support reverse route generation: create an URL from an argument.
  • Implemented issue #14740: Make overriding the pattern to match in routes easier.
  • Implemented issue #14775: Prevent a fatal redirect from looping by spawning more fatal redirects.


1.0alpha1 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Initial release of this package.


1.0rc2 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Removed unused method.

1.0alpha2 - Monday 10 November 2008

  • Fixed issue #13788: array_key_exists() function receives parameters in wrong order.

1.0alpha1 - Monday 06 October 2008

  • Initial release of this package.


1.6alpha2 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Renamed ezcPersistentIdentitySession to ezcPersistentSessionIdentityDecorator.
  • Introduced new ezcPersistentSessionFoundation interface, for ezcPersistentSession and its decorators.
  • Finalized implementation of identity management and relation pre-fetching.

1.6alpha1 - Tuesday 21 April 2009

  • Started implementation of #12473: PersistentObject now supports basic identity management.


1.4alpha1 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Implemented issue #14898: Deactivate whitespace removal in Template output.


1.1alpha1 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Implemented issue #13236: Create a script to extract translatable scripts from templates, and merge different language versions.


1.3alpha1 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Added the getContextNames() method to the TsBackend.

Author: Derick Rethans

Published: May 26th, 2009