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More alpha releases for eZ Components: Authentication, Cache, Graph, Mail, Webdav, Workflow

Author: Derick Rethans
Date: Monday 29 October 2007 14:45

The eZ Components development team is pleased to announce new alpha versions of five existing components and one new component. Main new features are cache backends for Memcached and APC in the Cache component (based on a contribution by Grady Kuhnline) and stacked bar charts and multiple x- and y-axis support in the Graph component.

The new Webdav component allows you to setup your own Webdav server.

The alpha versions are exclusively distributed through the PEAR installer. You can upgrade to the alpha versions by issuing the following commands:

pear upgrade ezc/Base-alpha
pear upgrade ezc/Authentication-alpha
pear upgrade ezc/AuthenticationDatabaseTiein-alpha
pear upgrade ezc/Cache-alpha
pear upgrade ezc/Mail-alpha
pear upgrade ezc/Workflow-alpha
pear upgrade ezc/WorkflowDatabaseTiein-alpha

Installing the new Webdav component goes with:

pear install ezc/Webdav-alpha

The full changelog follows below:


1.1alpha1 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Implemented feature feature #10998: Added a Database backend for OpenID authentication.
  • Implemented feature feature #10971: Added the possibility to fetch extra data during authentication for Database, LDAP, OpenID and TypeKey filters.
  • Fixed issue #11412: The Database filter does not trigger a PDO General Error 2014 with MySQL.
  • Fixed issue #11465: Fetching extra authentication data in Database filter does not trigger a PDO General Error 904 with Oracle.


1.4alpha2 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Added the ezcBaseFile::copyRecursive() method, to recursively copy files or directories
  • Fixed issue #11540: Problems with ezcFile::findRecursive and ezcFile::calculateRelativePath on systems where DIRECTORY_SEPERATOR is not //.


1.3alpha1 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Implemented issue #10533: ezcCacheManager::getCache does not support delayed initialization.
  • Fixed issue #11064: Marked search() as protected in ezcCacheStorageFile.
  • Implemented feature feature #11049: Added APC and Memcache backends for caching. Based on a patch from Grady Kuhnline.
  • Fixed issue #11181: A physical location is not required anymore for pure memory backends.
  • Fixed issue #11413: The search flag is off by default for restore() and delete().
  • Fixed issue #11138: The validateLocation() method is defined as abstract in ezcCacheStorage.


1.3alpha1 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Implemented feature #11047: Make ConvertToDDL() methods accept the database name instead of only the database handler.
  • Fixed bug #11281: DatabaseSchema's XML reader does not understand '1' for the notnull, autoincrement and unsigned fields.
  • Fixed bug #11282: DatabaseSchema's SQLite reader doesn't understand the float and varchar data types.
  • Fixed bug #11283: DatabaseSchema's PersistentObject definition writer generates a sequence generater even when the field is not auto-increment.
  • Fixed bug #11285: Documentation example code comment glitch.


1.2alpha1 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Fixed issue #11640: Polygon size reducement fails for very thin four edged polygons.
  • Fixed issue #11511: Line thickness wasn't used for rendering.
  • Fixed issue #11509: Typo in line chart option.
  • Implemented feature #10978: Add support for stacked bar charts.
  • Implemented feature #11325: Allow values of 0 to be added to pie charts, to be included in the legend and not rendered in the actual pie.
  • Implemented feature #11247: Custom highlight values in line and bar charts. Thanks to Elger Thiele for the basic patch.
  • Implemented feature #10322 and #10565: Support for multiple x, y axis, vertical and horizontal lines in line and bar charts.


1.4alpha2 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Fixed issue #11582: ezcMailImapSet won't be caught in an infinite loop if the mail headers or body contain an IMAP tag.
  • The IMAP, POP3 and SMTP transports and the ezcMailParser class can receive options objects in the constructor. They can still receive options as arrays to keep compatibility.


1.0alpha1 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Initial release of this package.


1.1alpha1 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Added ezcWorkflowNodeLoop class to conveniently express loops.
  • Refactored the XML definition storage:
    • DOM is now used for both the loading and saving of workflows (issue #10702).
    • The marshalling of the node configuration is now handled in the individual node classes. This makes it possible to have custom node classes handled by the XML definition storage.
  • Default node configurations are handled better now.
  • Implemented issue #10883: Apply comparison conditions to two variables.
  • Implemented issue #10918: Error messages when loading invalid XML.
  • Implemented issue #10985: Mapping variables between parent and sub workflows.
  • Implemented issue #11003: Add ELSE option to exclusive choice.
  • Fixed issue #11068: Implement ezcWorkflowExecution::hasVariable().


1.1alpha1 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Default node configurations are handled better now.

Author: Derick Rethans

Published: October 29th, 2007