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PHP Requirements

As PHP version the eZ Components require version 5.2.1, although a later version is always recommended. The latest version of PHP can be downloaded here.

eZ Components versions before the 2008.1 release require PHP version 5.1.6. Please be aware that no updates for those releases are being made anymore.

Some of the components require that certain PHP extensions are enabled in the build. While most of them are enabled by default, some of them have to added explicitly. The table below lists all the components, and which extensions are required or optional.

Required and Preferred Extensions

Component Extension (default) Extension Required Extension Optional
All pcre, spl, reflection    
Authentication     openssl and bcmath or gmp for TypeKey and OpenID support, ldap for LDAP support
AuthenticationDatabaseTiein     Same as Database
Archive zlib, posix bz2 posix for permission support
Base posix   posix to test if features are enabled
Cache     memcache and zlib for Memcache storage, apc for APC storage
Configuration posix    
ConsoleTools iconv    
Database pdo, pdo_sqlite   pdo_mysql, pdo_oci8, pdo_pgsql, pdo_mssql/pdo_dblib, depending on the database that you want to use
DatabaseSchema simplexml   Same as Database
Document iconv   haru for the PDF writer functionality.
EventLog     Same as Database, if you want to log to a database
Feed dom    
Graph dom, iconv, xml   gd to generate bitmaps (with TrueType font support or Type1 font support), ming for generating Graphs as flash files
GraphDatabaseTiein pdo   Same as Database
ImageAnalysis ctype   exif
ImageConversion     gd
Mail iconv   fileinfo for better detection of mime-types when sending e-mails, mcrypt for NTLM SMTP authentication, openssl for SSL support
MvcTools iconv    
PersistentObject     Same as Database
Search     Zend_Search_Lucene needs to be available if you want to use this back-end.
SystemInformation     win32ps (on Windows)
Template iconv    
Translation ctype, simplexml    
Tree dom    
TreeDatabaseTiein pdo   Same as Database
UserInput filter    
Webdav     fileinfo or mimetype for detection of mime-types of files
Workflow simplexml, dom    
WorkflowDatabaseTiein     Same as Database
WorkflowEventLogTiein     Same as Database, if you want to log to a database

Quick Reference on Enabling Extensions

Extensions that are enabled by default in PHP

Extension Configure switch(es)
ctype --enable-ctype
dom --enable-dom --enable-libxml
filter --enable-filter
iconv --with-iconv
pcre --with-pcre-regex
pdo --enable-pdo
pdo_sqlite --with-pdo-sqlite
posix --enable-posix
reflection --enable-reflection
simplexml --enable-simplexml
spl --enable-spl
xml --enable-xml
zlib --with-zlib

Extensions that are bundled with PHP

Extension Configure switch(es) Remarks
bcmath --enable-bcmath  
bz2 --with-bz2  
gd --with-gd --with-freetype-dir=/usr --with-jpeg-dir=/usr --with-ttf --with-xpm-dir --with-png-dir --with-jpeg-dir --with-t1lib The eZ Components want at least PNG and JPG support, other parts are optional. We suggest to compile GD also with FreeType2 support as well to enable all features of the Components.
gmp --with-gmp  
ldap --with-ldap  
mcrypt --with-mcrypt  
mimetype --with-mime-magic Deprecated in favour of fileinfo.
ming --with-ming  
exif --enable-exif  
pdo_mysql --with-pdo-mysql  
pdo_oci8 --with-pdo-oci  
pdo_pgsql --with-pdo-pgsql  
pdo_mssql --with-pdo-mssql On Windows (on Linux use pdo_dblib)
pdo_dblib --with-pdo-dblib Mssql driver for Linux (on Windows use pdo_mssql). The FreeTDS software must be installed also.
openssl --with-openssl  

Extensions that are not bundled with PHP

Extension Configure switch(es)
apc You need to install the APC extension through PECL.

You need to install the fileinfo extension through PECL if you're using a PHP version lower than PHP 5.3.0.

On Windows additional configuration steps are required:
  • download magic and magic.mime files from gnuwin32 (from the Binaries Zip in the File for Windows package) and copy them to a folder, for example the folder where PHP is installed (e.g. c:\php)

  • in System settings, setup the enviroment variable MAGIC to point to the folder where you copied the magic files, plus the magic part (e.g. c:\php\magic). Restart Windows if needed.

  • alternatively you can use this command-line before running your PHP scripts:

    set MAGIC=c:\php\magic
haru You need to install the haru extension through PECL.
memcache You need to install the Memcache extension through PECL.

PHP Code Libraries

Library Download instructions
Zend_Search_Lucene This is a code library that can be found in the Zend Framework downloads.