SVN Version: 10487


1.3beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • No changes


1.7beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Made sure that we (try) to load the PEAR Registry class so that PEAR doesn't have to be in autoload.


1.2beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Fixed: Invalid font creation in haru driver.
  • Fixed: Implementation of PDF wrapper class, to call correct renderer.
  • Fixed: Implementation of style loading in PDF wrapper class.
  • Implemented: Method to register additional PDF parts in wrapper class.
  • Implemented: Global error reporting interface, now also used by the PDF renderer.
  • Implemented: Maintain document location in all conversions, so that embedded files can be located.
  • Fixed: Text blocks are continued on the same page wrapped images are rendered on.
  • Fixed: Handle unescaped references containing special chars in RST parser.
  • Fixed: Also recurse into section titles in RST visitor AST preprocessing to find all reference targets.
  • Fixed: Ensure valid XML IDs in visitor.


1.4beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • No changes


1.4.3 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Fixed #14538: Performance degration for very high numbers of data points.
  • Fixed #14857: Highlight text misplaced in charts with multiple bar data sets.


1.1beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Renamed ezcMvcNoNamedRouteException to ezcMvcNamedRouteNotFoundException.
  • Renamed ezcMvcReversedRoute to ezcMvcReversibleRoute.
  • Removed the ->router property of ezcMvcController, and replaced this with the setRouter() and getRouter() methods.


1.0beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Refactored out the password hashing into its own method to facilitate easier overloading.


1.6beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Note: This release changes the indexing of arrays returns by ezcPersistentSession and its decorators. These arrays are now indexed by object IDs.


1.3beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Implemented enhancement #12943: Class and definition files can now be generated from templates (using the Template component). Templates return the mangled file name.


1.4beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • No changes


1.1beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • No changes


1.3beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • No changes


1.1.1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • Fixed issue #13324: Uploads are now working in Konqueror (tested 3.5.10). Fix based on a patch by Erwin Eggenberger.