1.0.4 - Monday 09 October 2006

  • Fixed a bug where the class name ezcConfigurationUnknownSetting was used instead of the correct name ezcConfigurationUnknownSettingException.


1.1.3 - Monday 09 October 2006

  • Fixed bug #9046: An argument should not be treated as an invalid option value for an option that doesn't take any value.
  • Fixed bug #9052: An exception was thrown because of an invalid property in ezcConsoleOption.


1.1.3 - Monday 09 October 2006

  • Fixed handling queries like "SELECT 1+1" in Oracle.


1.0.1 - Monday 09 October 2006

  • Fixed bug #8657: added $d->close() before rmdir() in removeRecursive().
  • Fixed a bug that caused the source directory not to be checked for existance with ezcFile::findRecursive().


1.1.2 - Monday 09 October 2006

  • Fixed bug #8958: GD crop filter calculates width and height incorrect.
  • Fixed bug #8959: GD and ImageMagick crop filters behave differently. The GD driver now behaves like the ImageMagick driver and reduces the crop dimensions, if they are larger than the source image dimensions.


1.1.3 - Monday 09 October 2006

  • Fixed bug #8990: ezcMail->messageID should be named ezcMail->messageId.
  • Fixed bug #9048: ezcMailText does not encode properly.
  • Fixed bug #9049: Long headers are not wrapped and could cause MTA warnings.
  • Fixed bug #8850: Support multiline header parameters by implementing RFC2231.
  • Fixed a bug in ezcMailPart: The getHeader() function returns an empty string instead of null in case of an unknown header.
  • Fixed a bug in ezcMailRfc822Parser: The bcc is set correctly now while parsing e-mail.
  • Fixed a bug in ezcMailMultipartRelated: The getRelatedParts() and getRelatedPartByID() functions return now correct values if the main part of the message is missing.
  • Fixed a bug in ezcMailMtaTransport and ezcMailSmtpTransport: Checking for sending a message without recipients.
  • Fixed a bug in ezcMailImapTransport: listUniqueIdentifiers() does not hang anymore when the supplied parameter is an invalid message number.
  • Implemented support for character set and language for ezcContentDispositionHeader.
  • Fixed an issue with mbox files without an mbox header being present.