Component: Archive

Component: Base

Component: Cache

Component: Configuration


  • Fixed generation of file names to include a . before appending the suffix.
  • Fixed a spelling error when throwing an exception in case a file could not be written to.

Component: ConsoleTools

Component: Database


  • Added the static method getImplementations() which returns a list of all available database implementations.
  • Changed exception usage to reveal more information in case no database type is passed, or when a not-supported database type is used.
  • Fixed bug where we did not check if bound parameters actually existed before binding them.

Component: Debug


  • Removed the source parameter from the startTimer() method.
  • Removed the verbosity constants.


  • Changed the timing information structure. The more specific structures ezcDebugTimerStruct and ezcDebugSwitchTimerStruct are used instead.

Component: EventLog


  • Added the methods: * getMapper() * setMapper()
  • Removed the methods: * map() * unmap()


  • Changed the mapping behavior. The mapping of severity, source, and category to a container (or writer), are done in a filter rule set.
  • Renamed ezcMap to ezcLogFilterSet.


  • Renamed the method map() to setTable().


  • Renamed the method map() to setFile().

Component: Execution

Component: ImageAnalysis

Component: ImageConversion

Component: Mail

Component: PersistentObject

Component: PhpGenerator

Component: Translation

Component: UserInput