Component: Archive

Component: Base

Component: Cache

Component: Configuration


  • Added getSettingsAsList() method to retrieve a group of settings but without their names being used as keys in the returned array. This allows the list() = $manager->getSettingsAsList( $name, $group, $settingsArray() ); syntax.

Component: ConsoleTools

Component: Database

Component: Debug


  • Fixed PHP warning in switchTimer() when the given oldTimer does not exist.
  • Fixed problem in switchTimer() when oldTimer and newTimer are the same.


  • Improved the timing information output.
  • Changed the access from protected to private in the methods: getGroups() and addElement().

Component: EventLog


  • Empty parenthesis are not shown anymore.

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Component: Execution

Component: ImageAnalysis

Component: ImageConversion

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Component: PersistentObject

Component: PhpGenerator

Component: Translation

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