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Webdav: Clients

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eZ Components: Webdav, client support

Author: Kore Nordmann, Tobias Schlitt
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Status: Draft

Supported clients

The Webdav component is constantly tested against different WebDAV clients. The following clients are included in the tests:

  • Nautilus (GNOME)
  • Konqueror (KDE)
  • Cadaver (Unix/Linux shell)
  • MS InternetExplorer 6 (Windows)
  • MS InternetExplorer 7 (Windows)
  • Litmus (Unix test suite for WebDAV servers)

Client issues

Some clients do not behave compliant to RFC 2518. While the WebDAV component is designed to work around such issues, some client problems cannot be fixed. This sections lists known bugs in WebDAV clients, which prevent some actions to work correctly with the Webdav component.


Copying of folders

It is not possible to copy folders on a WebDAV server using Nautilus based on gvfs/0.2.5 (maybe earlier and later versions). Nautilus performs a GET and PUT request on the server to achieve a copy, instead of using the COPY method. GET on a collection results in an empty document to be downloaded and uploaded again.


Version 3.5.9 (possibly earlier) did not perform uploads of new file. The client first checks if the file to upload already exists on the server, which results in a (usually expected) 404 error. Konquerors error handling steps in here and avoids the upload.

Version 3.5.10 (possibly earlier and later) works fine with the Webdav component, due to a workaround added in version 1.1.

Last updated: Mon, 21 Dec 2009