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Webdav: ezcWebdavLockPluginOptions

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Class: ezcWebdavLockPluginOptions

Option class for the Webdav lock plugin. [source]
You can use an object of this class, to set options for the lock plugin in ezcWebdavLockPluginConfiguration.



Inherited Member Variables

From ezcBaseOptions:
protected  ezcBaseOptions::$properties

Method Summary

public ezcWebdavLockPluginOptions __construct( [$options = array()] )
Construct a new options object.

Inherited Methods

From ezcBaseOptions :
public ezcBaseOptions ezcBaseOptions::__construct()
Construct a new options object.
public void ezcBaseOptions::merge()
Merge an array into the actual options object.
public bool ezcBaseOptions::offsetExists()
Returns if an option exists.
public mixed ezcBaseOptions::offsetGet()
Returns an option value.
public void ezcBaseOptions::offsetSet()
Set an option.
public void ezcBaseOptions::offsetUnset()
Unset an option.



ezcWebdavLockPluginOptions __construct( [ $options = array()] )
Construct a new options object.
Options are constructed from an option array by default. The constructor automatically passes the given options to the __set() method to set them in the class.


Name Type Description
$options array(string=>mixed) The initial options to set.


ezcBaseValueException If the value for a property is out of range.
ezcBasePropertyNotFoundException If trying to access a non existent property.

Redefinition of

Method Description
ezcBaseOptions::__construct() Construct a new options object.

Last updated: Mon, 21 Dec 2009