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1.4.2 - [RELEASDATE]

  • Implemented issue #11072: Possible different output contexts inside XHTML.

1.4.1 - Tuesday 01 September 2009

  • Fixed issue #15291: {tr}-block ignores output context.

1.4 - Monday 29 June 2009

  • No changes

1.4rc1 - Monday 22 June 2009

  • No changes.

1.4beta1 - Monday 08 June 2009

  • No changes

1.4alpha1 - Tuesday 26 May 2009

  • Implemented issue #14898: Deactivate whitespace removal in Template output.

1.3.2 - Monday 09 February 2009

1.3.1 - Monday 04 August 2008

  • Implemented issue #13187: Updated tutorial to clarify cache keys.

1.3 - Monday 16 June 2008

  • No changes.

1.3rc1 - Tuesday 10 June 2008

  • No changes

1.3beta1 - Tuesday 27 May 2008

  • Changed the date_format() template function to only accept DateTime objects.

1.3alpha2 - Monday 05 May 2008

  • Implemented issue #12723: Make Template date functions support the DateTime object.
  • Fixed issue #11152: ezcTemplateLocationInterface should not have "Interface" in the classname.
  • Fixed issue #12322: Template regression between 1.1 and 1.2 - support for variable object properties re-added.

1.3alpha1 - Monday 03 March 2008

  • Made the TemplateObject available in CustomBlocks. Thanks to Felix Weis for the patch.
  • Fixed issue #11228: Cannot supply an absolute Win32-Path to $t->process().
  • Better error message when an external (use) variable is not given.
  • Fixed issue #12289: String function str_last_index documented, but not defined.
  • Fixed issue #12323: Using {cache_template} inside a block will now throw an exception.
  • Fixed issue #11056:
    • {dynamic} is only allowed after {cache_template} or in {cache_block}.
    • corrected documentation in regard to TTL vs. ttl.
    • fixed the cache file names in Windows (replace '' with '-').
  • Fixed issue #12368: ezcTemplateConfiguration::addExtension() did not check for invalid arguments correctly.
  • Implemented issue #10940: Possibility to set default permissions to the compiled templates and generated cache files, by using the 0777 mode for creating the directories in which the compiled templates are stored. This mode is still modified by the umask.
  • Implemented issue #9973: Added a translation compiler to convert a string in the original language, to the translated one without substituting parameters. This is to have translation support for the Template component.
  • Added the capture() template block to collect a part of a template into a variable.
  • Added support for variable length argument lists for custom functions through the variableArgumentList element of the ezcTemplateCustomFunctionDefinition.
  • Added support for additional parameters for custom blocks through the excessParameters element of the ezcTemplateCustomBlockDefinition.

1.2 - Monday 02 July 2007

  • Documentation updates.

1.2rc1 - Friday 22 June 2007

  • Documentation updates.

1.2beta2 - Thursday 31 May 2007

  • Fixed issue #10075: Invalid cache created when the Customblock or CustomFunction produces a PHP error.
  • Fixed issue #10870: Return statement does not immediately return inside a {dynamic_block}.
  • Implemented issue #9972: Added support for caching.
  • Implemented issue #10738: Added support for dynamic locations.

1.2beta1 - Monday 07 May 2007

  • Fixed issue #10035: Block comments mixed with Javascript comments generates wrong Template code.
  • Fixed issue #10036: Invalid generated PHP code cannot be renewed without deleting the generated template.
  • Fixed issue #10261: Array fetch and property fetch could not be used together.
  • Implemented issue #9965: Support for delayed initialization through ezcBaseInit.
  • Added support for named parameters in the custom functions.
  • Added support for dynamic locations in the template include(s).
  • Made it possible to send a Template Object to the custom function.

1.1 - Monday 18 December 2006

  • Fixed issue #9464: Weird error messages on calculations with multidimensional arrays.
  • Fixed issue #9491: Convert < and > in exception messages to ' and ' for Template.
  • Fixed issue #9601: Wrong __isset implementation in Template/template.php.
  • Fixed issue #9607: Custom blocks without a class in the definition generate broken code.
  • Fixed issue #9806: Added the ezcTemplateException class from which all exception classes in Template inherit.
  • Fixed issue #9819: Let all components deal with the ezcBaseAutoloadException properly.
  • The angle brackets are replaced with single quotes within the exceptions.
  • Fixed an issue that the space before 'array append' threw an exception.
  • Fixed the text and cursor position in several parser error messages.
  • Fixed an issue that white-space in front of an array append shows an error.
  • Fixed an issue that non-matching open and close blocks did not always show an error.
  • Fixed issues with some variables (e.g. $this) conflicts with the internal variables.
  • Fixed an issue that the return value from a template include was not assigned to {use} variable.
  • Fixed problem with correct whitespace trimming of elements inside {if} block.
  • Throw an exception when {else} and {elseif} are used outside {if}.
  • Throw an exception when {case} and {default} are used outside {switch}.
  • Throw an exception when an assignment is done not to a variable. eg: {5 = 7}
  • Changed the error message of wrong {delimiter} usage.
  • The {delimiter} block can also be used inside a while.
  • Fixed an issue that some block names could be prepended, appended with garbage. eg: {vara}
  • It is not allowed to do variable modifications inside an expression. eg: {myFunc( $a = 2 )} or {$a[ $b = 2 ] += 3}
  • {debug_dump} uses now var_export() for better readability.
  • Assignments are not allowed inside an expression of a control block. Eg: {while $a = 3} or {if $b = 2}
  • All binary operators can be used repeatedly. Eg: {3 === 4 === 5}
  • Variables cannot be used inside a string.
  • Replaced all exit() calls with an ezcTemplateInternalException.

1.1beta2 - Monday 20 November 2006

  • Changed the location where compiled templates are stored. They will now be written to the sub directory 'compiled_templates' of the $compilePath.
  • Fixed issue #8837: Delimiter doesn't work in nested loops.
  • Fixed issue #9279: Accessing properties from a null object.
  • Fixed issue #9286: Parse error in compiled template on accessing properties on an object in an array
  • Fixed issue #9290: Reserved names may not be used as template variables in include send statements.
  • Fixed issue #9293: Template calls exit() for custom template functions without parameters.
  • Fixed issue #9441: Declared variables cannot be used as a 'received' variable in the include block.

1.1beta1 - Tuesday 24 October 2006

  • Added custom blocks and custom functions.

1.0 - Monday 12 June 2006

  • Fixed a bug that some indentations were not removed.
  • Fixed a bug that the newlines after a non output block were not removed.
  • Fixed a bug that fetching an array element was never considered as a possible sub array. E.g. {var $a = array( array("a") )} {foreach $a[0] as $i} gave an error.
  • Fixed a bug that an imported variable with default value got the wrong type. E.g. {var $myArray = false} {foreach $myArray as $i} gave an error.

1.0rc1 - Monday 29 May 2006

  • Added "web" functions.
  • Added "date" functions.
  • Added the raw tag that outputs raw, without context, values.
  • Fixed a bug that arrays and properties could not be send as expression part of the include construct. E.g. {include "abc.ezt" send $a[0] as $b}
  • Fixed a bug that property fetches were ignored after the first fetch. E.g. {$obj->prop1->prop2}
  • Fixed a bug that the variable is declared in the 'as' part of the include. E.g. {include "abc.ezt" send $a as $b}, $b was declared.
  • Fixed a bug that using parenthesis in an 'if' block gave an error message. E.g. {if ( true ) }
  • Fixed a bug that a function call after a property fetch would give an error message. E.g. {$mail->myProp} {str_len( $mail->myProp)}
  • Fixed a bug that the equal, not equal, identical, not identical could not compare arrays with arrays and arrays with 'values'.
  • Fixed a bug in the get_class function. Due to a spelling error it would throw a PHP Fatal Error.
  • Fixed a bug that blanks between the pre-operator and operand were not allowed. E.g. {5 + - 3}
  • Fixed a bug that the break and continue tags could contain garbage. E.g. {break abcd}
  • Fixed a bug that the column number in error messages were incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug that the hash_intersect_key function was mapped wrong.
  • Fixed bug #8280: Array assignment with non-constants not working.
  • All compile errors throw the ezcTemplateParserException. Removed the ezcTemplateSourceToTstParserException.
  • Renamed the functions: str_trimmed, str_trimmed_left, str_trimmed_right, and str_simplified to respectively str_trim, str_trim_left, str_trim_right, and str_simplify.
  • The modulo part of the delimiter is now optional.
  • The delimiter does not appear after the last iteration.

1.0beta2 - Tuesday 09 May 2006

  • Fixed issues with escape characters in the single quoted string, double quoted string, and in the Text.
  • Added functionality that a number can also be specified with an exponent.
  • Throw an exception when a directory in the compile path could not be created (Because of the file permissions).
  • Throw an exception when a method from an object is called.

1.0beta1 - Monday 01 May 2006

  • Initial release of this package.
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