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Workflow: ezcWorkflowNodeVariableDiv

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Class: ezcWorkflowNodeVariableDiv

Divides a workflow variable by another variable or a constant value. [source]
An object of the ezcWorkflowNodeVariableDiv class divides a specified workflow variable by a given operand, either a constant or the value of another workflow variable.
This example will divide the contents of the workflow variable 'wfVar' by five and put it back into wfVar.
 1.  <?php
 2.  $div new ezcWorkflowNodeVariableDiv(
 3.    array'name' => 'wfVar''operand' => )
 4.  );
 5.  ?>
If the operand is a string, the value of the workflow variable identified by that string is used.
Incoming nodes: 1 Outgoing nodes: 1



Inherited Constants

From ezcWorkflowNode:
ezcWorkflowNode::WAITING_FOR_ACTIVATION    The node is waiting to be activated.
ezcWorkflowNode::WAITING_FOR_EXECUTION    The node is activated and waiting to be executed.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcWorkflowNodeArithmeticBase:
protected  ezcWorkflowNodeArithmeticBase::$operand
protected  ezcWorkflowNodeArithmeticBase::$variable
From ezcWorkflowNode:
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$activatedFrom
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$activationState
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$configuration
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$id
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$inNodes
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$internalCall
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$maxInNodes
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$maxOutNodes
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$minInNodes
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$minOutNodes
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$numInNodes
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$numOutNodes
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$outNodes
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$state
protected  ezcWorkflowNode::$threadId

Method Summary

protected void doExecute( )
Perform variable modification.

Inherited Methods

From ezcWorkflowNodeArithmeticBase :
public ezcWorkflowNodeArithmeticBase ezcWorkflowNodeArithmeticBase::__construct()
Constructs a new action node with the configuration $configuration.
protected abstract void ezcWorkflowNodeArithmeticBase::doExecute()
Implementors should perform the variable computation in this method.
From ezcWorkflowNode :
public ezcWorkflowNode ezcWorkflowNode::__construct()
Constructs a new node with the configuration $configuration.
public void ezcWorkflowNode::accept()
Reimplementation of accept() calls accept on all out nodes.
protected void ezcWorkflowNode::activateNode()
Convenience method for activating an (outgoing) node.
public ezcWorkflowNode ezcWorkflowNode::addInNode()
Adds a node to the incoming nodes of this node.
public ezcWorkflowNode ezcWorkflowNode::addOutNode()
Adds a node to the outgoing nodes of this node.
public mixed ezcWorkflowNode::getConfiguration()
Returns the configuration of this node.
public ezcWorkflowNode[] ezcWorkflowNode::getInNodes()
Returns the incoming nodes of this node.
public ezcWorkflowNode[] ezcWorkflowNode::getOutNodes()
Returns the outgoing nodes of this node.
public boolean ezcWorkflowNode::removeInNode()
Removes a node from the incoming nodes of this node.
public boolean ezcWorkflowNode::removeOutNode()
Removes a node from the outgoing nodes of this node.
public void ezcWorkflowNode::verify()
Checks this node's constraints.



void doExecute( )
Perform variable modification.

Redefinition of

Method Description
ezcWorkflowNodeArithmeticBase::doExecute() Implementors should perform the variable computation in this method.

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