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ImageConversion: ezcImageColorspaceFilters

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Interface: ezcImageColorspaceFilters

This interface has to implemented by ezcImageFilters classes to support colorspace filters. [source]


COLORSPACE_GREY = 1 Grey color space.
COLORSPACE_MONOCHROME = 3 Monochrome color space.
COLORSPACE_SEPIA = 2 Sepia color space.

Method Summary

public void colorspace( $space )
Colorspace filter.



void colorspace( int $space )
Colorspace filter.
Transform the colorspace of the picture. The following colorspaces are supported:
  • self::COLORSPACE_GREY - 255 grey colors
  • self::COLORSPACE_SEPIA - Sepia colors
  • self::COLORSPACE_MONOCHROME - 2 colors black and white


Name Type Description
$space int Colorspace, one of self::COLORSPACE_* constants.


ezcImageInvalidReferenceException If no valid resource for the active reference could be found.
ezcImageFilterFailedException If the parameter submitted as the colorspace was not within the self::COLORSPACE_* constants If the operation performed by the the filter failed.
ezcBaseValueException If a submitted parameter was out of range or type.

Last updated: Tue, 23 Mar 2010