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Execution: ezcExecutionException

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Class: ezcExecutionException

General exception for use in ezcExecution class. [source]




Child Class Description
ezcExecutionWrongClassException Thrown when the passed classname does not represent a class that implements the ezcExecutionErrorHandler interface.
ezcExecutionInvalidCallbackException Thrown when an non-existend class was passed as callback handler.
ezcExecutionAlreadyInitializedException Thrown when the Execution framework was already initialized.
ezcExecutionNotInitializedException Thrown when the Execution framework was not initialized when cleanExit() was called.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcBaseException:
public  ezcBaseException::$originalMessage

Inherited Methods

From ezcBaseException :
public ezcBaseException ezcBaseException::__construct()
Constructs a new ezcBaseException with $message
Last updated: Tue, 23 Mar 2010