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Document: ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiTableHandler

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Class: ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiTableHandler

Visit tables. [source]
The RST table rendering algorithm tries losely to fit a table in the provided document dimensions. This may not always work for over long words, or if the table cells contain literal blocks which can not be wrapped.
For this the algorithm estiamtes the available width per column, equally distributes this available width over all columns (which might be far from optimal), and extends the total table width if some cell content exceeds the column width.
The initial table cell estiation happens inside the function estimateColumnWidths() which you might want to extend to fit your needs better.



Method Summary

public mixed handle( $converter, $node, $root )
Handle a node

Inherited Methods

From ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiBaseHandler :
protected string ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiBaseHandler::renderDirective()
Render a directive
From ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler :
public abstract mixed ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler::handle()
Handle a node.



mixed handle( ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter $converter, $node, mixed $root )
Handle a node
Handle / transform a given node, and return the result of the conversion.


Name Type Description
$converter ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter  
$node DOMElement  
$root mixed  

Redefinition of

Method Description
ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler::handle() Handle a node.

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