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Document: ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiBaseHandler

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Class: ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiBaseHandler

Basic converter which stores a list of handlers for each node in the docbook element tree. Those handlers will be executed for the elements, when found. [source]
The handler can then handle the repective subtree.
Additional handlers may be added by the user to the converter class.




Child Class Description
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiIgnoreHandler Handler for elements, which are safe to ignore.
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiLiteralLayoutHandler Visit literallayout elements
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiMediaObjectHandler Visit media objects
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiItemizedListHandler Visit itemized list / bullet lists.
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiEmphasisHandler Visit emphasis.
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiExternalLinkHandler Visit external links.
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiTableHandler Visit tables.
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiBeginPageHandler Visit begin page elements
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiSectionHandler Visit docbook sections
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiInternalLinkHandler Visit internal links.
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiParagraphHandler Visit paragraphs
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiOrderedListHandler Visit ordered list / enumerated lists
ezcDocumentDocbookToWikiLiteralHandler Visit inline literals

Method Summary

protected string renderDirective( $name, $parameter, $options, [$content = null] )
Render a directive

Inherited Methods

From ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler :
public abstract mixed ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler::handle()
Handle a node.



string renderDirective( string $name, string $parameter, $options, [string $content = null] )
Render a directive
Render a directive with the given paramters.


Name Type Description
$name string  
$parameter string  
$options array  
$content string  

Last updated: Tue, 23 Mar 2010