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Document: ezcDocumentDocbookToRstHeadHandler

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Class: ezcDocumentDocbookToRstHeadHandler

Visit docbook sectioninfo elements [source]
The sectioninfo elements contain metadata about the document or sections, which are transformed into the respective metadata in the HTML header.



Member Variables

protected array $headerMapping = array(
'authors' => 'Authors',
'abstract' => 'Description',
'copyright' => 'Copyright',
'releaseinfo' => 'Version',
'pubdate' => 'Date',
'date' => 'Date',
'author' => 'Author',
'publisher' => 'Author',

Element name mapping for meta information in the docbook document to HTML meta element names.

Method Summary

public mixed handle( $converter, $node, $root )
Handle a node

Inherited Methods

From ezcDocumentDocbookToRstBaseHandler :
protected string ezcDocumentDocbookToRstBaseHandler::renderDirective()
Render a directive
From ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler :
public abstract mixed ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler::handle()
Handle a node.



mixed handle( ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter $converter, $node, mixed $root )
Handle a node
Handle / transform a given node, and return the result of the conversion.


Name Type Description
$converter ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter  
$node DOMElement  
$root mixed  

Redefinition of

Method Description
ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler::handle() Handle a node.

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