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PersistentObjectDatabaseSchemaTiein: ezcPersistentObjectTemplateSchemaWriter

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Class: ezcPersistentObjectTemplateSchemaWriter

Writer to generate PersistentObject class/definition files. [source]
This class is used in ezcPersistentObjectSchemaGenerator to generate PersistentObject class and definition files based on templates.

Member Variables

protected array(string=>mixed) $properties = array()

Method Summary

public ezcPersistentObjectTemplateSchemaWriter __construct( [$options = null] )
Creates a new writer instance.
public void write( $schema, $template, $dir )
Writes the given $schema to $dir using $template.



ezcPersistentObjectTemplateSchemaWriter __construct( [ezcPersistentObjectTemplateSchemaWriterOptions $options = null] )
Creates a new writer instance.


Name Type Description
$options ezcPersistentObjectTemplateSchemaWriterOptions  


void write( $schema, string $template, mixed $dir )
Writes the given $schema to $dir using $template.
Iterates through all tables in $schema, sends each of them to a ezcTemplate with $template and writes the result to $dir with the file name returned by the template.


Name Type Description
$schema ezcDbSchema  
$template string  
$dir mixed  

Last updated: Mon, 22 Jun 2009