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EventLog: ezcLogWriter

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Interface: ezcLogWriter

ezcLogWriter defines the common interface for all classes that implement their log writer. [source]
See the ezcLogFileWriter for an example of creating your own log writer.

Method Summary

public void writeLogMessage( $message, $severity, $source, $category, [$optional = array()], $severity )
Writes the message $message to the log.



void writeLogMessage( string $message, $severity, string $source, string $category, [array(string=>string) $optional = array()], int $severity )
Writes the message $message to the log.
The writer can use the severity, source, and category to filter the incoming messages and determine the location where the messages should be written.
The array $optional contains extra information that can be added to the log. For example: line numbers, file names, usernames, etc.


Name Type Description
$message string  
$severity int ezcLog::DEBUG, ezcLog::SUCCESS_AUDIT, ezcLog::FAILED_AUDIT, ezcLog::INFO, ezcLog::NOTICE, ezcLog::WARNING, ezcLog::ERROR or ezcLog::FATAL.
$source string  
$category string  
$optional array(string=>string)  


ezcLogWriterException If the log writer was unable to write the log message

Last updated: Tue, 01 Sep 2009