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Document: ezcDocumentWikiNode

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Class: ezcDocumentWikiNode

Struct for Wiki document document abstract syntax tree nodes [source]




Child Class Description
ezcDocumentWikiInlineNode Struct for Wiki document inline abstract syntax tree nodes
ezcDocumentWikiBlockLevelNode Struct for Wiki document block level abstract syntax tree nodes

Member Variables

public int $line
Line of node in source file.
public mixed $nodes = array()
Child nodes
public int $position
Character position of node in source file.
public ezcDocumentWikiToken $token = null
Optional reference to token, not available for all nodes.

Method Summary

public void __construct( $token, $type )
Construct Wiki node



void __construct( ezcDocumentWikiToken $token, int $type )
Construct Wiki node


Name Type Description
$token ezcDocumentWikiToken  
$type int  

Redefined in descendants as

Method Description
ezcDocumentWikiEnumeratedListNode::__construct() Construct Wiki node
ezcDocumentWikiBulletListNode::__construct() Construct Wiki node
ezcDocumentWikiSectionNode::__construct() Construct Wiki node
ezcDocumentWikiPluginNode::__construct() Construct Wiki node
ezcDocumentWikiTableCellNode::__construct() Construct Wiki node
ezcDocumentWikiTitleNode::__construct() Construct Wiki node
ezcDocumentWikiBlockquoteNode::__construct() Construct Wiki node
ezcDocumentWikiEnumeratedListItemNode::__construct() Construct Wiki node
ezcDocumentWikiBulletListItemNode::__construct() Construct Wiki node

Last updated: Tue, 01 Sep 2009