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Document: ezcDocumentDocbookToEzXmlLiteralLayoutHandler

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Class: ezcDocumentDocbookToEzXmlLiteralLayoutHandler

Visit literallayout elements [source]
Literallayout elements are used for code blocks in docbook, where normally some fixed width font is used, but also for poems or simliarly formatted texts. In HTML those are represented by entirely different structures. Code blocks will be transformed into 'pre' elements, while poem like texts will be handled by a 'p' element, in which each line is seperated by 'br' elements.



Method Summary

public mixed handle( $converter, $node, $root )
Handle a node

Inherited Methods

From ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler :
public abstract mixed ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler::handle()
Handle a node



mixed handle( ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter $converter, $node, mixed $root )
Handle a node
Handle / transform a given node, and return the result of the conversion.


Name Type Description
$converter ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter  
$node DOMElement  
$root mixed  

Redefinition of

Method Description
ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler::handle() Handle a node

Last updated: Tue, 01 Sep 2009