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ConsoleTools: ezcConsoleException

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Class: ezcConsoleException

General exception container for the ConsoleTools component. [source]




Child Class Description
ezcConsoleArgumentException General exception container for the ConsoleTools component referring to argument handling.
ezcConsoleInvalidOptionNameException Thrown if an invalid option name (containing whitespaces or starting with a "-") was received by ezcConsoleOption::__construct.
ezcConsoleDialogAbortException Occurs if the user sends <CTRL>-D to a dialog instead of a valid answer.
ezcConsoleNoValidDialogResultException Thrown if ezcConsoleDialog::getResult() is called before a valid result was received.
ezcConsoleOptionNoAliasException Occurs if the alias you tried to unregister is not an alias, but a real option.
ezcConsoleInvalidOutputTargetException Thrown if a given target ezcConsoleOutputFormat could not be opened.
ezcConsoleOptionException General exception container for the ConsoleTools component referring to option handling.
ezcConsoleOptionAlreadyRegisteredException The option name you tried to register is already in use.
ezcConsoleNoPositionStoredException 'Cannot restore position, if no position has been stored before.'.
ezcConsoleOptionStringNotWellformedException The option definition string supplied is not wellformed.
ezcConsoleArgumentAlreadyRegisteredException There is already an argument registered with the given name or at the given place.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcBaseException:
public  ezcBaseException::$originalMessage

Inherited Methods

From ezcBaseException :
public ezcBaseException ezcBaseException::__construct()
Constructs a new ezcBaseException with $message
Last updated: Tue, 01 Sep 2009