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Mail: ChangeLog

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1.6rc1 - Monday 15 December 2008

  • Fixed issue #14025: Problem with ezcMailComposer::addAttachment when use the fifth param to change the file name.

1.6beta1 - Monday 01 December 2008

1.6alpha1 - Monday 10 November 2008

  • Implemented issue #13383: Add a method to extract/change/replace entities in HTML mail with the CID elements replaced.
  • Implemented feature feature #13539: Add new mail parser option fileClass.
  • Fixed issue #13878: Endless loop in ezcMailParser.

1.5.2 - Monday 06 October 2008

  • Fixed an issue that caused the part boundaries from e-mail messages not being correctly set in the parsed mail structure. Instead an auto-generated one was used.
  • Fixed issue #13553: Documented how to access the raw value of headers.
  • Implemented feature feature #13538: Added possibility to set a custom message in mail multiparts for e-mail clients missing MIME support.

1.5.1 - Monday 04 August 2008

  • Fixed issue #13329: ezcMail fetchParts() no longer generates an error when parsing a mail with an empty body.
  • Fixed a special case in sortFromOffset() where $range was undefined.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate properties arrays in mail part descendants.

1.5 - Monday 16 June 2008

  • No changes.

1.5rc1 - Tuesday 10 June 2008

  • Fixed issue #13038: Added support for non-ascii and mime-emcoded (non-RFC) filenames for mail attachments.

1.5beta1 - Tuesday 27 May 2008

  • Fixed issue #13010: The transport connection handles correcly cases where CRLF is split in 2 different blocks read from server.

1.5alpha1 - Monday 05 May 2008

  • Fixed issue #12844: getTmpDir() not properly set in Windows.
  • Fixed issue #12903: The mail digest size is not calculated twice anymore.
  • Fixed issue #12930: The SMTP authentication methods are used in correct strength order now.
  • Implemented feature feature #11937: Switch to turn off automatic inclusion of files with the Mail Composer.
  • Implemented feature feature #12203: Replaced hard-coded paths for temporary directory with the PHP 5.2.1 function sys_get_temp_dir().
  • Implemented feature feature #12694: Replace reflection test for class type with SPL function.

1.4.3 - Monday 03 March 2008

  • Fixed issue #12595: Folding is no longer applied twice for To, Cc and Bcc headers.

1.4.2 - Thursday 17 January 2008

  • Fixed issue #12372: MTA transport does not encode subject.

1.4.1 - Monday 14 January 2008

  • Fixed issue #12318: Unsafe characters are replaces by underscores in attachment file names during mail parsing.

1.4 - Monday 17 December 2007

  • No changes

1.4rc1 - Wednesday 05 December 2007

  • Fixed issue #12138: Mail's IMAP transport can hang when connection gets dropped.

1.4beta1 - Wednesday 28 November 2007

  • Fixed issue #11906: Only files inside an image tag are attached to the composed email.
  • Fixed issue #11965: Reading from a transport connection is stopped at CRLF or a problem in the connection, and not after a hard-coded number of loops.
  • Fixed issue #12062: Mails with no space or tabs after the colon in headers are parsed correctly now.

1.4alpha2 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Fixed issue #11582: ezcMailImapSet won't be caught in an infinite loop if the mail headers or body contain an IMAP tag.
  • The IMAP, POP3 and SMTP transports and the ezcMailParser class can receive options objects in the constructor. They can still receive options as arrays to keep compatibility.

1.4alpha1 - Tuesday 18 September 2007

  • Implemented feature feature #8436: Added the method validateEmailAddress() in ezcMailTools.
  • Implemented feature feature #10459: Added the searchMailbox() method to the IMAP transport. Based on a patch from Sinisa Dukaric.
  • Implemented feature feature #10659: Added the getHierarchyDelimiter() method to the IMAP transport.
  • Implemented feature feature #10996: Added support for the SMTP authentication methods DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, NTLM and LOGIN.
  • Implemented feature feature #10999: Added the possibility to refer to messages by their unique IDs in IMAP.
  • Implemented feature feature #11061: Added missing conditions for SMTP methods.
  • Implemented feature feature #11299: Added an optional argument to the setHeader() method in ezcMailPart to assign a charset to a header.
  • Added the fetchSizes() method in IMAP which returns the sizes of the specified messages.

1.3.1 - Monday 30 July 2007

  • Fixed issue #11175: ezcMailTools::composeEmailAddress quotes the name part if it contains special characters ( , @ < > : ; ' " ).
  • Fixed issue #11174: ezcMailHeaderFolder::foldAny doesn't add a line break in front of the header value if it is exactly 76 characters.

1.3 - Monday 02 July 2007

  • No changes.

1.3rc1 - Monday 25 June 2007

  • Documentation updates and fixes.

1.3beta2 - Thursday 31 May 2007

  • Fixed issue #10762: Mail file set does not work with php://stdin.

1.3beta1 - Monday 07 May 2007

  • Added walkParts() to ezcMail and the class ezcMailPartWalkContext which can be used to walk through all the parts in a mail and execute a callback function on each part (for example save mail parts to disk or a database).
  • Added support for multipart/report and message/delivery-status mail parts, connected to issue #8694.
  • Added header folding for the Content-Disposition header.
  • Fixed an issue with ezcMailHeaderFolder::foldAny() where notices were thrown if the header contained a too long string without any white spaces.
  • Fixed issue #10656: Parsing of incomplete multipart/related mails does not trigger a notice anymore.
  • Fixed ezcMailTransportException to inherit from ezcMailException, and not directly from ezcBaseException.
  • Implemented feature #8303: Added fetchParts() to ezcMail to return the mail parts of a mail.
  • Implemented feature #8419: added the property size to ezcMailPart, which is set when parsing a mail.
  • Implemented feature #8485: added the ezcMailStorageSet which wraps around another set and provides saving of mail sources.
  • Implemented feature #9068: added support for filename language and filename charset support for the Content-Disposition header.
  • Implemented feature #9292: added SSL support for IMAP and POP3. Based on a patch from Mikko Koppanen.
  • Implemented feature #9308: added option classes for transports.
  • Implemented feature #9785: Allow developers to specify their own character conversion function to UTF-8. Also fixed issue #8369 as developers can ignore the notices thrown by iconv in their own conversion function.
  • Implemented feature #10068: added a list of supported RFCs to the documentation.
  • Implemented feature #10082: added options class ezcMailParserOptions and deprecated second parameter of parseMail() in ezcMailParser.
  • Implemented feature #10091: added SSL/TLS support for the SMTP transport. Based on a patch from Christian Michel.
  • Implemented feature #10340: More selective encoding of mail headers.
  • Implemented feature #10341: MixedPart mail without attachments - Documentation enhancement
  • Implemented feature #10682: The IMAP PEEK command is now supported through the top() method. Added PEEK support to sortMessages() also.
  • Fixed a problem with certain IMAP servers which didn't allow the second parameter of top() method from IMAP to be 0.


  • Added ezcMailTools::guessContentType to resolve a bug in which the images embeded in an html part were treated like application/octet-stream attachments.
  • Fixed bug #010138: Doc of ezcMailMultipartDigest->__construct() incorrect (The documentation was correct, the implementation was wrong.)
  • Fixed issue #10283: ImapSet does not return the trailing parenthesis ')'.
  • Fixed issue #10312: Fixed the value of ezcMail::QUOTED_PRINTABLE constant.
  • Fixed issue #10200 (part 1): Content-Disposition header is no longer created during parsing if it is missing.
  • Fixed issue #10200 (part 2): The value of the generated Content-ID header contains the filename encoded with base64 to avoid problems.
  • Fixed issue #10136: ezcMailImapSet, ezcMailPop3Set and ezcMailMboxSet not marked as private anymore.
  • Fixed issue #10358: correct call to the ezcMailTextParser constructor in case the parsed message contains an unrecognized MIME main type.
  • Fixed issue #10389: tab characters are converted to one space when parsing mails with wrapped headers.
  • Fixed issue #10359: unrecognized mail body parts are parsed using the ezcMailFileParser.
  • Fixed issue #10396: Method convertToUTF8 assumes 'latin1' charset instead of 'unknown-8bit' and 'x-user-defined'.

1.2 - Monday 18 December 2006

  • No changes.

1.2beta2 - Monday 20 November 2006

  • Added feature #9079: The ability to add mail attachments using streams.
  • Added feature #9100: The ability to set the character set in the composer for text and HTML parts.
  • Added feature #9331: Added the returnPath property in ezcMail to set the envelope address while sending mail with the SMTP and MTA transports.
  • Added feature #9334: Added the getMessageNumbers() method to the IMAP and POP3 sets to return message numbers. Patch by Mikko Koppanen.
  • Fixed an issue in ezcMailPart: When setting the headers property the wrong exception was thrown.
  • Fixed bug #9042: added __isset() method to classes that use properties.
  • Fixed bug #9442: added missing hasData() method to ezcMailVariableSet.
  • Various additions to the IMAP Transport:
    • Added features #9171, #9172, #9206, #9228: Added the fetchByFlag(), countByFlag(), setFlag(), clearFlag() methods. Patches by Mikko Koppanen.
    • Added feature #9173: Changed the status() method to also return the number of recent and unseen messages.
    • Added features #9212 and #9228: Added the createMailbox(), renameMailbox(), deleteMailbox() and copyMessages() methods. Patches by Mikko Koppanen.
    • Added feature #9229: Added a parameter to selectMailbox to select a mail box in readonly mode. Patch by Mikko Koppanen.
    • Added feature #9333: Added the sortMessages(), sortFromOffset() and fetchFlags() methods. Patches by Mikko Koppanen.
    • Added feature #9336: Added the expunge() method. Patch by Mikko Koppanen.
    • Added feature #9423: Added the capability() method. Patch by Mikko Koppanen.
    • Added feature #9424: Added the noop() method in IMAP and POP3 transports. Patch by Mikko Koppanen.
    • Added feature #9425: Added the append() method.

1.2beta1 - Tuesday 24 October 2006

  • Added IMAP transport.
  • Added fetchFromOffset() method to POP3 and MBOX transports.
  • Implemented suggestion #8988: ezcMailAddress should implement __toString().
  • Implemented suggestion #8989: Extending the ezcMail class. ezcMailParser->parse() can now deal with classes that extend ezcMail. Additionally, added this functionality to ezcMailTool::replyToMail().
  • Implemented read access to property ezcMailPart->headers for extending this class and its derives.
  • Added a new class (ezcMailVirtualFile) to allow attachments from memory.
  • Added an optional parameter to listMessages() method in IMAP, to return messages with a certain Content-Type header.

1.1.3 - Monday 09 October 2006

  • Fixed bug #8990: ezcMail->messageID should be named ezcMail->messageId.
  • Fixed bug #9048: ezcMailText does not encode properly.
  • Fixed bug #9049: Long headers are not wrapped and could cause MTA warnings.
  • Fixed bug #8850: Support multiline header parameters by implementing RFC2231.
  • Fixed a bug in ezcMailPart: The getHeader() function returns an empty string instead of null in case of an unknown header.
  • Fixed a bug in ezcMailRfc822Parser: The bcc is set correctly now while parsing e-mail.
  • Fixed a bug in ezcMailMultipartRelated: The getRelatedParts() and getRelatedPartByID() functions return now correct values if the main part of the message is missing.
  • Fixed a bug in ezcMailMtaTransport and ezcMailSmtpTransport: Checking for sending a message without recipients.
  • Fixed a bug in ezcMailImapTransport: listUniqueIdentifiers() does not hang anymore when the supplied parameter is an invalid message number.
  • Implemented support for character set and language for ezcContentDispositionHeader.
  • Fixed an issue with mbox files without an mbox header being present.

1.1.2 - Monday 28 August 2006

  • Added the ezcMailPop3Transport::fetchByMessageNr() method that returns an ezcMailPop3Set containing the message with the specified number.
  • Fixed bug #8736: variable transport non-functional.
  • Fixed bug that caused the contentId property of the ezcMailFile class not to be set even if it was available for the related part while parsing multipart/related messages.
  • PHP 5.2 compatibility.

1.1.1 - Monday 07 August 2006

  • Partially fixed bug #8694:
    • Don't crash when generating empty mail.
    • Don't assume that message/ parts are actually rfc822 messages when parsing mail.

1.1 - Monday 12 June 2006

  • Fixed CS issues and tests.

1.1rc1 - Monday 29 May 2006

  • Added the ezcMailTools::replyToMail() method that will create a reply message with the correct headers set (from, to, cc, ,subject, references and in-reply-to) based on an existing mail message.
  • Added workaround for bug #8271: Mail parsing bug in email with PGP signature. We don't support GPG at the moment, however we now recognize it and ignore keys and signatures.
  • Added the ezcMailSmtpTransport::keepConnection() method. This allows keeping the connection open when sending several mails.
  • Added the ezcMail::messageID property which represents the ID of a mail message.
  • Added the ezcMail::timestamp property which is generated from the Date header.
  • Added the ezcMailMboxTransport and changed ezcMailMboxSet to work together with that one.
  • Added $encoding parameter to ezcMailTools::parseMailAddress and ezcMailTools::parseMailAddresses. This allows you to parse not only RFC822 compliant address strings but also address strings in local encoding. This is useful when ezcMailAddress items directly from user inserted address string (e.g from a composer window).
  • Added feature #8266: Property for the Content-Disposition stuff on the ezcMailPart level. Implemented for both parsing and sending.
  • Changed mime string decoding to be more robust by trying to work around common mistakes by MUAs.
  • Changed the way how character sets are handled. From now on all text parts will automatically be converted to UTF-8. The original character set belonging to the e-mail is stored in the originalCharset property, while the charset property will now always return "UTF-8" for text parts.
  • Changed header storage so that headers are now stored case sensitive but retrieved case insensitive. This is useful since headers are case insensitive, but do have a preferred case. When fetching headers it is handy not to have to try all possible permutations.
  • Fixed a bug where parsing would fail because there was no trailing ';' in the Content-Type field.
  • Fixed an issue where mime decoding of headers failed because of a bug in PHP.

1.1beta2 - Tuesday 09 May 2006

  • Added the getRelatedPartByID() method to ezcMailMultipartRelated that returns a mail part by looking for it's Content-ID.
  • Added the class ezcMailFileSet that can be used to parse mail messages in a file directly from disk.
  • Added the class ezcMailVariableSet that can be used to parse mail messages directly from a variable.
  • Changed the POP3 classes to leave the mail on the server by default. You need to actively set $deleteFromServer in order to have it removed.

1.1beta1 - Wednesday 19 April 2006

  • Added the mbox transport for reading mbox files to use with the ezcMailParser.
  • Fixed a bug that caused filenames with spaces to appear mangled.
  • Fixed a bug where the encodings 7bit and 8bit were not handled correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where text attachments missed line breaks when saved to disk.

1.1alpha1 - Monday 03 April 2006

1.0.1 - Monday 20 February 2006

1.0 - Monday 30 January 2006

1.0rc1 - Monday 16 January 2006

  • Added feature enhancement #7582: Adding multiple parts as an array.
  • Changed ezcMailText::characterSet property to charset.
  • Changed ezcMailSmtpTransport and made all protected methods private. They exposed an interface that most likely never will have to be changed.
  • Changed exception behavior. All errors will now throw a different exception class.
  • Fixed bug #7637: "ezcMailComposer doesn't encode headers".

1.0beta2 - Wednesday 21 December 2005

1.0beta1 - Thursday 24 November 2005

  • Initial release of this package.
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