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Document: ezcDocumentEzXmlToDocbookConverter

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Class: ezcDocumentEzXmlToDocbookConverter

Converter for docbook to XDocbook with a PHP callback based mechanism, for fast and easy PHP based extensible transformations. [source]
This converter does not support the full docbook standard, but only a subset commonly used in the document component. If you need to transform documents using the full docbook you might prefer to use the ezcDocumentEzXmlToDocbookXsltConverter with the default stylesheet from Welsh.



Member Variables

protected string $defaultNamespace = 'ezxml'
Deafult document namespace

If no namespace has been explicitely declared in the source document assume this as the defalt namespace.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter:
protected  ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::$storage
protected  ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::$visitorElementHandler
From ezcDocumentConverter:
protected  ezcDocumentConverter::$options
protected  ezcDocumentConverter::$properties

Method Summary

public void __construct( [$options = null] )
Construct converter
protected ezcDocumentDocbook createDocument( $content )
Create document from structure
protected mixed initializeDocument( )
Initialize destination document
protected mixed visitText( $node, $root )
Visit text node.

Inherited Methods

From ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter :
public ezcDocumentDocument ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::convert()
Convert documents between two formats
protected abstract ezcDocumentDocument ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::createDocument()
Create document from structure
protected abstract mixed ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::initializeDocument()
Initialize destination document
public void ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::setElementHandler()
Set custom element handler
public mixed ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::visitChildren()
Recursively visit children of a document node.
public mixed ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::visitNode()
Visit a single document node
protected abstract mixed ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::visitText()
Visit text node.
From ezcDocumentConverter :
public ezcDocumentConverter ezcDocumentConverter::__construct()
Construct new document
public abstract ezcDocument ezcDocumentConverter::convert()
Convert documents between two formats
public void ezcDocumentConverter::triggerError()
Trigger parser error



void __construct( [ezcDocumentEzXmlToDocbookConverterOptions $options = null] )
Construct converter
Construct converter from XSLT file, which is used for the actual


Name Type Description
$options ezcDocumentEzXmlToDocbookConverterOptions  

Redefinition of

Method Description
ezcDocumentConverter::__construct() Construct new document


ezcDocumentDocbook createDocument( mixed $content )
Create document from structure
Build a ezcDocumentDocument object from the structure created during the visiting process.


Name Type Description
$content mixed  

Redefinition of

Method Description
ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::createDocument() Create document from structure


mixed initializeDocument( )
Initialize destination document
Initialize the structure which the destination document could be build with. This may be an initial DOMDocument with some default elements, or a string, or something else.

Redefinition of

Method Description
ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::initializeDocument() Initialize destination document


mixed visitText( $node, mixed $root )
Visit text node.
Visit a text node in the source document and transform it to the destination result


Name Type Description
$node DOMText  
$root mixed  

Redefinition of

Method Description
ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter::visitText() Visit text node.

Last updated: Mon, 11 May 2009