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eZ Components 2008.2.3

Document: ezcDocumentDocbookToRstSectionHandler

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Class: ezcDocumentDocbookToRstSectionHandler

Visit docbook sections [source]
Updates the docbook sections, which give us information about the depth in the document, and may also be reference targets.
Also visits title elements, which are commonly the first element in sections and define section titles, which are converted to HTML header elements of the respective level of indentation



Member Variables

protected int $level = -1
Current level of indentation in the docbook document.

Method Summary

public mixed handle( $converter, $node, $root )
Handle a node

Inherited Methods

From ezcDocumentDocbookToRstBaseHandler :
protected string ezcDocumentDocbookToRstBaseHandler::renderDirective()
Render a directive
From ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler :
public abstract mixed ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler::handle()
Handle a node



mixed handle( ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter $converter, $node, mixed $root )
Handle a node
Handle / transform a given node, and return the result of the conversion.


Name Type Description
$converter ezcDocumentElementVisitorConverter  
$node DOMElement  
$root mixed  

Redefinition of

Method Description
ezcDocumentElementVisitorHandler::handle() Handle a node

Last updated: Mon, 11 May 2009