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ConsoleTools: ChangeLog

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1.5 - Monday 05 January 2009

  • No changes.

1.5rc1 - Monday 15 December 2008

1.5beta1 - Monday 01 December 2008

  • Implemented feature #12567: All help generation methods now support grouping of options.
  • Implemented feature #13240: ezcConsoleProgressbar now allows to specify $minVerbosity and $maxVerbosity options.

1.4 - Monday 16 June 2008

  • No changes.

1.4rc1 - Tuesday 10 June 2008

  • Fixed issue #13118: Class::method() replaced by Class->method() for object method calls and attribute accesses where appropriate.

1.4beta1 - Tuesday 27 May 2008

  • No changes.

1.4alpha1 - Monday 05 May 2008

1.3.2 - Monday 14 January 2008

  • Fixed issue #11435: ConsoleInput does not reset $option->value;. The newly added reset() method can in addtion be used to manually reset all option and argument values.
  • Fixed issue #12364: /ezc/trunk/ConsoleTools/docs/example_table.php base value exception.

1.3.1 - Wednesday 28 November 2007

  • Fixed issue #11378: Example code throws Exception.

1.3 - Monday 02 July 2007

  • Documentation updates.

1.3beta2 - Thursday 31 May 2007

1.3beta1 - Monday 07 May 2007

1.2 - Monday 18 December 2006

  • Fixed issue #9493: Convert < and > in exception messages to ' and ' for Cache, ConsoleTools, ImageAnalysis, ImageConversion, PersistentObject, PersistentObjectDatabaseSchemaTiein.

1.2beta2 - Monday 20 November 2006

1.2beta1 - Tuesday 24 October 2006

  • Added the 'target' property to the ezcConsoleOutputFormat struct. This allows you to print to a different output target (e.g. stderr).

1.1.3 - Monday 09 October 2006

  • Fixed bug #9046: An argument should not be treated as an invalid option value for an option that doesn't take any value.
  • Fixed bug #9052: An exception was thrown because of an invalid property in ezcConsoleOption.

1.1.2 - Monday 28 August 2006

  • Fixed bug #8738: Unexpected behaviour with options->colPadding.
  • Fixed bug #8478: ezcConsoleOutput format (foreground) color 'black' not available. (The fore-/background colors black and gray are now the same and available for fore- and background).
  • PHP 5.2 compatibility.

1.1.1 - Monday 07 August 2006

  • Fixed bug #8525: ConsoleInput::getHelpTable() exits with a fatal error.
  • Fixed bug #8645: Default values not set correctly in ezcConsoleInput.

1.1 - Monday 12 June 2006

  • Fixed bug #8460: ConsoleOption is a class and should have properties instead of public variables.
  • Fixed bug #8472: Update documentation for ezcConsoleTableOptions.

1.1rc1 - Monday 29 May 2006

  • Implemented feature feature #7792: Possibility to omit the short options.
  • Refactored to use the new ezcBaseOptions class.

1.1beta2 - Tuesday 09 May 2006

1.1beta1 - Wednesday 19 April 2006

  • Added getHelpTable() and getHelpText() methods to ezcConsoleInput for more convenient help output generation.
  • Added ezcConsoleOption::$isHelpOption flag to indicate, that an option is to request help. If this flag is set and the option is submitted by the user, rule checking (dependencies/exclusions/madatoryness) is disabled.
  • Added ezcConsoleInput::helpOptionSet() method which returns if an option that was defined to be a help option was submitted.
  • Added the class ezcConsoleProgressMonitor that is capable of printing status information and percentage progress to the console.

1.0.1 - Monday 06 March 2006


  • Added support for a non-integer maximum.
  • Added an optional parameter to the advance() method that advances the progress bar with a different step size than 1.
  • Added formatting options for %max% and %act%.

1.0 - Monday 30 January 2006

1.0rc1 - Monday 16 January 2006

1.0beta2 - Friday 23 December 2005

  • Added convenience method ezcConsoleOutput::outputLine(). This one adds a line break after outputting the desired text and works also without any text to print a blank line (similar to Pascals writeln()).
  • Added option filter parameter to ezcConsoleParameter::getHelp(). This allows you to filter which parameters the information will return information about.
  • Added a new class ezcConsoleOption. This represents a single option. Before this was named parameter and an array was used to structure option properties. Therefore changed / removed the following methods in ezcConsoleParameter (now ezcConsoleInput):
    • getParamDef() -> Deprecated & removed, since getOption() now returns the complete option object, including settings and value.
    • getDefaults() -> Deprecated & removed, since getOption() now returns the complete option object including the default.
  • Added new setting "mandatory" to ezcConsoleOption. This indicates that an option should always have submitted. Normally all options are optional.
  • Added method getSynopsis(). This generates a synopsis string for the program autonmatically.
  • Added cell, row and table based format and alignment settings to ezcConsoleTable. This allows you to let rows and cells inherit their format and alignment settings. Rows inherit the format, align and (new) borderFormat value that were set globally, but only if they have no explicit value set. Cells inherit their row's format and alignment settings if they are not explicitly set.
  • Added <borderFormat> property to rows. This allows a more flexible way to specify the format that a border of a row should have, instead of just saying: "this is a headline row".
  • Added new alignment constant ALIGN_DEFAULT to ezcConsoleTable. This is the default alignment used in ezcConsoleTable objects (cell, row) to indicate, that the alignment setting should be inherited from the parent.
  • Refactored the whole package to fit into the unified layout and provide a much more convenient API.
  • Renamed the class ezcConsoleParameter to ezcConsoleInput. Reflects it's purpose much better and avoids conflicts with the acronym "option", which is now used in ezcConsoleOption. Renamed the cooperating types and methods:
  • Changed to the use of structs instead of complex array structures:
    • ezcConsoleOptionRule (replaces old handling of dependencies and exclusions between options - former parameters).
    • ezcConsoleOutputFormat (to define format options).
    • ezcConsoleOutputOptions (stores the options for ezcConsoleOutput).
    • ezcConsoleProgressbarOptions (stores the options for ezcConsoleProgressbar).
    • ezcConsoleTableOptions (stores the options for ezcConsoleTable).
  • Changed to the use of "extended structs" where it made sense to avoid complex arrays:
    • ezcConsoleOutputFormats (iteration and on-the-fly creation of format definitions in ezcConsoleOutput through $out->formats->{formatname}->{formatoption} = ...;)
  • Changed handling of parameter names in ezcConsoleInput. Short and long parameters are now also handled without their prefixes ("-" for short names and "--" for long names) everywhere.
  • Changed to use overloading property access - __get(),__set(),__isset(). To unify access to object properties and in different other places, which are explicitly mentioned above (see e.g. ezcConsoleTable) where possible.
  • Changed handling of default values for ezcConsoleOption. Default values are now set if the parameter is not submitted at all. If an option that expects a value is submitted without, this results in an exception.
  • Changed "colAlign" option to "defaultAlign".
  • Changed handling of table structure to classes ezcConsoleTableRow and ezcConsoleTableCell. These allow a convenient way to create and customize console based tables:
    • $table[0][]; // creates a new cell
    • $table[2][]->format = 'important'; // creates a new cell and set's it's format to 'important',
    • $table[2]->align = ezcConsoleTable::ALIGN_CENTER; // sets the default align
  • Removed $cols setting from ezcConsoleTable. The table now knows on its own how many columns it has, when it is rendered.
  • Renamed ezcConsoleParameter to ezcConsoleInput.
  • Renamed methods (consistency):
  • Fixed bug with argument handling and non-value parameters in ezcConsoleInput. It was not possible to sumit the name of a parameter as an argument after the argument seperator "-- ".
  • Fixed bug with submitting multiple parameters of the same name without value.

1.0beta1 - Friday 25 November 2005

  • Initial release of this package.
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