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eZ Components 2008.2.1

Document: ezcDocumentRstDirective

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Class: ezcDocumentRstDirective

Visitor for RST directives [source]


Child Class Description
ezcDocumentRstWarningDirective Visitor for RST warning directives
ezcDocumentRstNoteDirective Visitor for RST note directives
ezcDocumentRstNoticeDirective Visitor for RST tip directives
ezcDocumentRstImageDirective Visitor for RST image directives
ezcDocumentRstDangerDirective Visitor for RST danger directives
ezcDocumentRstIncludeDirective Visitor for RST include directives
ezcDocumentRstAttentionDirective Visitor for RST important directives
ezcDocumentRstContentsDirective Visitor for RST contents directives

Member Variables

protected ezcDocumentRstDocumentNode $ast
Complete RST abstract syntax tree, if this is necessary to render the directive.
protected ezcDocumentRstDirectiveNode $node
Current directive RST AST node.
protected string $path
Current document base path, especially relevant for file inclusions.
protected ezcDocumentRstVisitor $visitor
The calling visitor.

Method Summary

public void __construct( $ast, $path, $node )
Construct directive from AST and node
public void setSourceVisitor( $visitor )
Set the calling vaisitor
public abstract void toDocbook( $document, $root )
Transform directive to docbook



void __construct( $ast, string $path, $node )
Construct directive from AST and node


Name Type Description
$ast ezcDocumentRstDocumentNode  
$path string  
$node ezcDocumentRstDirectiveNode  


void setSourceVisitor( ezcDocumentRstVisitor $visitor )
Set the calling vaisitor
Pass the visitor which called the rendering function on the directive for optional reference.


Name Type Description
$visitor ezcDocumentRstVisitor  


void toDocbook( $document, $root )
Transform directive to docbook
Create a docbook XML structure at the directives position in the document.


Name Type Description
$document DOMDocument  
$root DOMElement  

Redefined in descendants as

Method Description
ezcDocumentRstWarningDirective::toDocbook() Transform directive to docbook
ezcDocumentRstNoteDirective::toDocbook() Transform directive to docbook
ezcDocumentRstNoticeDirective::toDocbook() Transform directive to docbook
ezcDocumentRstImageDirective::toDocbook() Transform directive to docbook
ezcDocumentRstFigureDirective::toDocbook() Transform directive to docbook
ezcDocumentRstDangerDirective::toDocbook() Transform directive to docbook
ezcDocumentRstIncludeDirective::toDocbook() Transform directive to docbook
ezcDocumentRstAttentionDirective::toDocbook() Transform directive to docbook
ezcDocumentRstContentsDirective::toDocbook() Transform directive to docbook

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