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Document: ezcDocumentOptions

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Class: ezcDocumentOptions

Class containing the basic options for the ezcDocument [source]




Child Class Description
ezcDocumentRstOptions Class containing the basic options for the ezcDocumentRst
ezcDocumentWikiOptions Class containing the basic options for the ezcDocumentWiki
ezcDocumentXmlOptions Class containing the basic options for the ezcDocumentXmlBase


int read/write  $errorReporting
Error reporting level. All errors with a severity greater or equel then the defined level are converted to exceptions. All other errors are just stored in errors property of the parser class.

Member Variables

protected array(string=>mixed) $properties = array(
'errorReporting' => 15, // E_PARSE | E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_NOTICE

Container to hold the properties

Inherited Methods

From ezcBaseOptions :
public ezcBaseOptions ezcBaseOptions::__construct()
Construct a new options object.
public void ezcBaseOptions::merge()
Merge an array into the actual options object.
public bool ezcBaseOptions::offsetExists()
Returns if an option exists.
public mixed ezcBaseOptions::offsetGet()
Returns an option value.
public void ezcBaseOptions::offsetSet()
Set an option.
public void ezcBaseOptions::offsetUnset()
Unset an option.
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