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1.2 - Monday 17 December 2007

  • Fixed issue #12238: Documentation error.
  • Fixed issue #12246: dataBorder doesn't works in 2D renderer for piecharts.

1.2beta1 - Wednesday 28 November 2007

  • Fixed issue #12064: Gradients are not rendered correctly in Flash driver.
  • Implemented support for odometer charts. Thanks to Lars Jankowski from Oxid esales for the initial patch.

1.2alpha1 - Monday 29 October 2007

  • Fixed issue #11640: Polygon size reducement fails for very thin four edged polygons.
  • Fixed issue #11511: Line thickness wasn't used for rendering.
  • Fixed issue #11509: Typo in line chart option.
  • Implemented feature #10978: Add support for stacked bar charts.
  • Implemented feature #11325: Allow values of 0 to be added to pie charts, to be included in the legend and not rendered in the actual pie.
  • Implemented feature #11247: Custom highlight values in line and bar charts. Thanks to Elger Thiele for the basic patch.
  • Implemented feature #10322 and #10565: Support for multiple x, y axis, vertical and horizontal lines in line and bar charts.

1.1.1 - Monday 13 August 2007

  • Fixed issue #11107: Floating point inaccuracies caused missing grid in line chart.
  • Fixed issue #11157: Wrong display of single record with labeled axis.
  • Fixed issue #11180: Color Palette: $dataSetColor in ezcGraphPalette starts with index 1 and not zero in pie charts.
  • Fixed issue #11207: Missing URL property for legend, or missing legend, may cause PHP notice.
  • Fixed issue #11233: Path for circular arcs in SVG driver may break because of locale settings.
  • Fixed issue #11235: In interactive 3D bar charts circle and bullet bars are not linked.
  • Fixed issue #11236: Legend is not properly linked in interactive 3D line and bar charts.

1.1 - Monday 02 July 2007

  • Documentation updates.

1.1rc1 - Monday 25 June 2007

  • Fixed issue #10828: PHP error when overwriting renderer in extended ezGraphPieChart.
  • Documentation updates and fixes.

1.1beta2 - Thursday 31 May 2007

  • Fixed issue #10741: Make ezcGraphOutOfLogithmicalBoundingsException more descriptive.
  • Fixed issue #10744: ExactAxisLabelRenderer shows last value at position of second last value if showLastValue is disabled.
  • Fixed issue #10745 (BaxedAxisLabelRenderer wrong label positions for angles: (135 <= $angle <= 325).
  • Fixed issue #10746: Border size reducement algorithm fails for polygones with edge lengths < reducement.
  • Fixed issue #10747: axisLabelRotatedRenderer accesses unitialised variables for Angles % 90 != .0
  • Fixed issue #10750: SVG drivers output broken with wrong LC_NUMERIC.
  • Fixed issue #10759: Unset implementation broken in array access in datasets and dataset properties.
  • Fixed issue #10830: Automatically shorten labels if not enough space is available.
  • Fixed issue #10842: Pie charts fatal error with datasets with value sum <= 0.
  • Fixed issue #10846: Division by zero in polygon size reducement algorithm for edges with an angle equals 0 degree.
  • Fixed issue #10848: Missing pie segment labels in pie charts with 3d renderer.
  • Fixed issue #10852: Fixed radar chart documentation.
  • Fixed issue #10858: Document on how to embed the SVG graphs in an HTML document.
  • Fixed issue #10861: Circle sector size reducement failes for very big angles.
  • Fixed issue #10881: Wrong labeling with ezcGraphDateAxis.

1.1beta1 - Monday 07 May 2007

  • Fixed issue #9916: Not documented: ArrayDataSet also can use Iterators.
  • Fixed issue #9926: Float values with date axis result in date parsing exception.
  • Fixed issue #9948: Make ezcGraphPolynom documentation public.
  • Fixed issue #9950: Improved ezcGraphPolynom::__toString method for more exact output.
  • Fixed issue #10018: Axis scale incorrect when startDate != first day of month.
  • Fixed issue #10025: Wrong statement in tutorial about swf versions supported by ext/ming.
  • Fixed issue #10074: Use iconv instead of mbstring.
  • Fixed issue #10055: Improve chart class documentation with chart elements.
  • Fixed issue #10056: Fixed drawing order for boxes with background and border.
  • Fixed issue #10199: Use saveXML instead of save( 'php://output' ) to work around PHP bug #40429.
  • Fixed issue #10246: sprintf output modification in PHP 5.2.1.
  • Fixed issue #10275: Low label count on labeled axis, when having (prime number > 10) + 1 labels.
  • Fixed issue #10536: Bar side polygons are drawn at the wrong side.
  • Fixed issue #10599: Pie chart label formatting callback only accepts callback functions but neither static nor non static methods.
  • Fixed issue #10606: Call to undefined function imagePsLoadFont() in gd tests when no t1lib is available.
  • Fixed issue #10675: Arrow heads on axis too small.
  • Fixed issue #10693: ezcGraphChartElementAxis::getSteps returns minor steps after last major steps.
  • Implemented feature #9402: Numeric datasets.
  • Implemented feature #9404: Add support for rotated texts on axis.
  • Implemented feature #9406: Add support for radar charts.
  • Implemented feature #9511: Added helper functions to create image maps an link SVG images in ezcGraphTools.
  • Implemented feature #10017: Plot whole months on date axis respecting their different length.
  • Implemented feature #10375: Manually reduce or increase the label count on labeled axis.
  • Implemented feature #10470: Add support for format callback functions on all axis.

1.0 - Monday 18 December 2006

  • Renamed ezcGraphMingDriver to ezcGraphFlashDriver.
  • Renamed pie chart options percentTreshHold to percentThreshold and absoluteTreshHold to absoluteThreshold.
  • Added feature #9647: Added the renderToOutput() method to the drivers.
  • Fixed issue #9545: Pie chart treshhold does not work if aggregated data stays below treshhold.
  • Fixed issue #9549: Pie chart slices are not contiguous with the flash driver.
  • Fixed issue #9568: Division by zero warning.
  • Fixed issue #9583: Data typecasting should only be done in axis.
  • Fixed issue #9586: No data rendered with string keys on date axis.
  • Fixed issue #9588: Wrong polynoms build from data.
  • Fixed issue #9612: Element links for SVG image in the legend require you to click on exactly the text.
  • Fixed issue #9655: pieChartOffset and highlight do not work together in 2D renderer.
  • Fixed issue #9762: Structs don't inherit from ezcBaseStruct.
  • Fixed issue #9764: 3D Pie chart segment side polygon in front of circular arc.
  • Fixed issue #9795: Interferring bars, when bars count is higher then major step count.
  • Fixed issue #9823: Failing tests with PHP 5.1, because of different parameter handling in imagepng, and (string) not calling __toString method.
  • Fixed issue #9827: Use majorStep size for min/max estimating on numeric axis with only one value.

1.0beta2 - Monday 20 November 2006

  • Added logarithmical scaled numeric axis.
  • Added treshhold for pie charts.
  • Added custom maximum value for pie charts.
  • Added ming driver for flash output.
  • Added text shadow, background and border to font options.
  • Added gleam to 2D pie charts.
  • Added feature #9304: Possibility to format labels via callback.
  • Fixed issue #9403: Element references do not work with Gleam in SVG.

1.0beta1 - Monday 25 September 2006

  • Initial release of this package.
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