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1.4.1 - Monday 14 January 2008

  • Fixed issue #11448: ezc_bootsrap.php uses relative paths.
  • Fixed issue #12316: Numbers in own component prefix not possible.
  • Fixed issue #12329: ezcBaseFeatures::findExecutableInPath's return value does not include the extension to the executable at the end on Windows.
  • Added an optional argument to the ezcBaseValueException constructor to allow the exception to be used for non-property/setting type violations as well.

1.4alpha2 - Monday 29 October 2007

1.4alpha1 - Tuesday 18 September 2007

1.3.1 - Monday 30 July 2007

1.3 - Monday 02 July 2007

  • Documentation fixes and updates.

1.3rc1 - Monday 25 June 2007

  • Documentation fixes and updates.

1.3beta2 - Thursday 31 May 2007

  • Fixed issue #10704: Autoload fails on class not found. The exception is now off by default, but can be turned on through the "debug" property of the ezcBaseAutoloadOptions class. This option class can be set with ezcBase::setOptions().

1.3beta1 - Monday 07 May 2007

1.2 - Monday 18 December 2006

1.2beta2 - Monday 20 November 2006

  • Fixed issue #8507: Two autoload directories with the same basepath don't work.
  • Fixed issue #9390: Classes in external repositories that map to the same autoload filename of an internal component were added to the external autoload cache array as well.

1.2beta1 - Tuesday 24 October 2006

  • Added the ezcBaseFeatures class to check whether the current PHP installation and environment provides features that can be used in the components.
  • Added the ezcBaseInit class that assists you by setting up on-demand configurations for objects (most notable useful for singleton classes).
  • Implemented FR #8508: Display search paths for the autoload files in case of a missing class.
  • Implemented FR #8753: Added the 'Base/ezc_bootstrap.php' file which sets up the autoload environment for you to facilitate an easier way of starting to use the eZ components.

1.1.1 - Monday 28 August 2006

  • Added the ezcBaseStruct class from which all structs in all components should inherit from.

1.1 - Friday 09 June 2006

  • Fixed bug #8434: ezcBase autoload system does not handle classes without a prefix.
  • Fixed bug #8435: ezcBase::addClassRepository assumes the ezc way of structuring files. From now on the path specifying the autoload directory is not relative to the repository directory anymore.

1.1rc1 - Monday 29 May 2006

  • Fixed bug #8252: Autoloading for external repositories only works for the first such class.

1.1beta2 - Tuesday 09 May 2006

  • Added support for external class repositories. You can now add a class repository to the autoload mechanism by using the addClassRepository() method.
  • Added a method to return all configured class repositories.
  • Added the REMOVE constant to the ezcBaseFileException.
  • Added the ezcBaseOptions class that serves as base class for all option classes in the components.

1.1beta1 - Wednesday 19 April 2006

  • Changed the way how files are included when the SVN checkout of the eZ components was used. This does not affect normal use of the components.
  • Fixed class descriptions for the exceptions in the documentation.

1.0 - Monday 30 January 2006

  • Added HTML escaping of exception messages so that they show up correctly in a browser. The original message is stored in the originalMessage property in the exception object.

1.0rc1 - Monday 16 January 2006

  • Added the ezcBaseException that all exceptions in the components library should descent from.
  • Added generic File and IO exceptions that all other components can use instead of having to reimplement them.
  • Added ezcBase::checkDependency() method that allows components to specify dependencies on either a PHP version or a PHP extension.

1.0beta2 - Wednesday 21 December 2005

  • Added the ezcBasePropertyException that can be used by components to signal that an property was assigned a value which it does not allows.

1.0beta1 - Tuesday 22 November 2005

  • Initial release of this package.
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