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Workflow: ezcWorkflowConditionNot

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Class: ezcWorkflowConditionNot

Boolean NOT. [source]

Implemented Interfaces

An object of the ezcWorkflowConditionNot decorates an ezcWorkflowCondition object and negates its expression.
1.  $notNondition new ezcWorkflowConditionNot $condition ;

Member Variables

protected ezcWorkflowCondition $condition
Holds the expression to negate.

Method Summary

public ezcWorkflowConditionNot __construct( $condition )
Constructs a new not condition on $condition.



ezcWorkflowConditionNot __construct( ezcWorkflowCondition $condition )
Constructs a new not condition on $condition.


Name Type Description
$condition ezcWorkflowCondition  

Last updated: Thu, 31 Jan 2008