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eZ Components 2007.1.1

Base: ezcBaseStruct

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Class: ezcBaseStruct

Base class for all struct classes. [source]


Child Class Description
ezcAuthenticationLdapInfo Structure for defining the LDAP directory to authenticate against.
ezcAuthenticationOpenidAssociation Structure for defining an OpenID association between the server and the OpenID provider.
ezcAuthenticationCredentials Base class for all authentication credentials structures.
ezcAuthenticationDatabaseInfo Structure for defining the database and table to authenticate against.
ezcBaseRepositoryDirectory Struct which defines a repository directory.
ezcConfigurationIniItem A container to store one INI settings item
ezcConfigurationValidationItem This class provides the result of one error item in the ezcConfigurationValidationResult class.
ezcDbSchemaField A container to store a field definition in.
ezcDbSchemaIndex A container to store a table index in.
ezcDbSchemaIndexField A container to store a table index' field in.
ezcDbSchemaTableDiff A container to store table difference information in.
ezcDbSchemaTable A container to store a table definition in.
ezcLogFilter The ezcLogFilter class provides a structure to set a log filter.
ezcGraphCoordinate Represents coordinates in two dimensional catesian coordinate system.
ezcGraphContext Struct to represent the context of a renderer operation
ezcImageAnalyzerData Struct to store the data retrieved from an image analysis.
ezcImageHandlerSettings Struct to store the settings for objects of ezcImageHandler.
ezcImageFilter Struct to store information about a filter operation.
ezcImageConverterSettings Struct to store the settings for objects of ezcImageConverter.
ezcMailAddress A container to store a mail address in RFC822 format.
ezcMailContentDispositionHeader A container to store a Content-Disposition header as described in
ezcPersistentSingleTableMap Class to create {ezcPersistentRelation::$columnMap} properties.
ezcPersistentGeneratorDefinition Defines a persistent object id generator.
ezcPersistentDoubleTableMap Class to create {ezcPersistentRelation::$columnMap} properties.
ezcPhpGeneratorReturnData Holds meta-data about a function/method return data.
ezcPhpGeneratorParameter ezcPhpGeneratorParameter holds information about a function or method parameter.
ezcSystemInfoAccelerator A container to store information about a PHP accelerator.
ezcTranslationData A container to store one translatable string.
ezcInputFormDefinitionElement This struct records information about Input Form definition elements.
Last updated: Wed, 28 Nov 2007