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eZ Components 1.1

ImageConversion: ChangeLog

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1.1 - Monday 12 June 2006

  • No changes at all.

1.1rc1 - Monday 29 May 2006

  • No changes at all.

1.1beta1 - Wednesday 19 April 2006

1.0.1 - Thursday 23 February 2006

1.0 - Monday 30 January 2006

  • Fixed unreported bug: ezcImageTransformation will cause an error, if no filters are submitted, but only a MIME type conversion is set.
  • Fixed unreported bug: ImageAnalysis and ImageConversion used different MIME types for PSD files.
  • Fixed unreported bug: Missing sanity checks for file existance and reabability in ezcImageTransformation::transform().

1.0rc1 - Monday 16 January 2006

  • Added more MIME types to ezcImageImagemagickHandler to be able to transform more formats.
  • Added option for ezcImageImagemagickHandler to allow the explicit setting of ImageMagick's "convert" binary.
  • Changed exception behavior. All errors will now throw a different exception class.
  • Changed OS detection of ezcImageImagemagickHandler to better detect Windows versions.
  • Changed behavior of ezcImageGeometryFilters::scale() to its original purpose. The scale() filter now allows scaling of images to fit into a certain rectengular box. The former behavior is still available throug the scaleExact() filter.
  • Changed execution of ImageMagick binary from exec() to proc_open(). This avoids nasty error output on the console if something fails. Errors from STDERR are now caught and used in the thrown exception for analysis.
  • Fixed bug #7640: "createTransformation aspect ratio scaling". The ImageMagick driver now does correct scaling, maintaining aspect ratio.
  • Fixed unreported bug, that $name attribute in ezcImageMethodcallHandler is private, but accessed by it's derived classes for error reporting.
  • Fixed unreported bug in crop filter code of ezcImageImagemagickHandler, that caused the crop to always start at the coordinates 0, 0.

1.0beta2 - Friday 23 December 2005

1.0beta1 - Thursday 24 November 2005

  • Initial release of this package.
Last updated: Wed, 28 Nov 2007