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eZ Components 1.1.1

eZ Components 1.1.1 documentation

Welcome to the online documentation of eZ components.

The documentation for 1.1.1 now offers a better way of documenting properties of a class. Instead of this documentation being in the general class description there is now a table just like the class' variables. The second improvement is the marking of "main classes" in the class trees. The main classes are the classes that you should have a look at when using a component and are essential for the use of a component. They are marked for most of the components with bold text now.

API reference

The API reference for each component is available through the component links on the left side.

A complete list of all the elements available can be found on the elements overview page and a list of all classes you can find here.


eZ components can be installed using a tar.gz/zip bundle or through the PEAR installer. The article An introduction to eZ components explains both installation methods.