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eZ Components 1.0

eZ Components 1.0 documentation

Welcome to the first version of the online documentation of eZ components.

This first release contains the basic API documentation in the style. We will continue to improve these pages and to add documentation so make sure to check for updates regularly. Among the improvements that we are planning are:

  • Tweaking of fonts and colors to improve readability.
  • Add a frontpage for each package with a global description of that package and example usage.
  • An 'all classes' page with links to all available classes.
  • Detailed installation instructions

API reference

The API reference for each component is available through the component links on the left side.

A complete list of all the elements available can be found on the elements overview page and a list of all classes you can find here.


eZ components can be installed using a tar.gz/zip bundle or through the PEAR installer. The article An introduction to eZ components explains both installation methods.